A Man Can’t Know What It’s Like To Be A Mother
Music Video by Daniel Antebi

My own mother is the most resilient human I know; she wrestles with internal demons that I can barely fathom. It’s impossible for myself or any man to fully understand the experience of motherhood. This piece is an ode to my respect for the journey mothers take on.

Iliana will scale up an almost vertical plane with a huge block of ice. As she climbs, the ice will melt. Her path is a grounded abstraction of a mother’s journey. 

The guitar begins to play. We open on Iliana’s head resting on a steep incline. The slope is the kind of pavement you’d find in a parking lot. Wind gusts through her hair as she looks out at the setting sun; she knows it’ll be dark soon. She looks above her. From the incline and her expression we know it is practically an impossible climb. 

She looks below her. We track down her body and arrive to the ice block. She is sitting on a thick slab of ice. Light gets caught inside it. She climbs underneath the block and starts to push.

After she covers a small stretch of her journey she gets distracted with stretching her neck and the block slips out of her grip and down the slope. She just barely catches it with her legs, recollects herself and heaves it back underneath her shoulder.

She continues. We traverse her body, the block, and the streak of water left on the ground. Whenever we pan back up to the block it gets smaller and smaller. Eventually the ice is small and it is almost night. She takes what the block has become, a pebble of ice, and rests it on her abdominin. As it melts to pure liquid the camera rotates and the steep slope becomes a horizontal plane which she rests upon.

One raw and elegant shot. Shooting on film will give the image an organic grain. The colors will be full but not pungent. The gradient in the sky will be smooth like it is to the eye. Our point of view simply glides across her and the terrain. Nothing is over-stated. Her relationship and process with the ice speaks for itself.

Creating The Incline
We will put the camera at almost 90 degrees. The dim lighting of sunset, a powerful fan blowing tremendous wind, and her choreography will help create the illusion she is actually on a steep slope.

Wardrobe Inspiration

Conceptual Inspiration

Francis Alÿs’ Sometimes Making Something Leads to Nothing

The myth of Sisyphus is also a major reference for this piece. I recently heard a reinterpretation of the myth: a philosopher contemplated that the boulder would eventually crumble into a grain of sand over the years of being rolled against the mountain.

My Previous Work

I’d love to work on this piece with you, Jim-E. Hope we can collaborate on this.