When we believe in others they can achieve the impossible. Like literally… In this ninety-second film, shit is gonna float, catch fire, vanish, and reappear. It’s gonna be sick.


A bunch of regular folks find out they can do real magic. That’s right: suddenly they can stop the beating wind – make fire spark from their fingertips – and transform water to ice. They’re thrilled and try to show their run loved ones. But our heroes are met with immediate skepticism from the very people closest to them. So their powers don’t emerge. Our heroes retreat – dismayed, distraught, and humilated. Their loved ones see this defeat and realize that their lack of faith has consequences. So, they choose to believe, no matter who crazy it seems. Through their words of encouragement and that special look in their eyes, our heroes powers’ return. This is an ode to the believers and the magic they help create.

WHY? • MAKE THIS • WHY? • WHY? • WHY? • WHY? • WHY? • WHY? • WHY? • WHY? • WHY? •


Before I could talk I met a wizard. My earliest memory is back in Mexico City. In my childhood apartment, my father made a coin vanish into thin air. To me, it was real magic. Eventually he taught me the difficult trick behind the illusion. It took a lot of practice, but he was at my side, cheering me every step of the way. Soon I was able to bring awe to others too. Ultimately, the real gift he gave me was beliefe in me. 

Yes, the spectacles we will create in this short film are only possible through cinema. Yet, we will capture the magic my father gave me: that look in his eyes, his cheers, and that undeniable feeling that someone’s got your back. This film is the best thank you I could ever give him. It is a reminder for all of us to have a little faith in one-another.


We open with a teenage girl, distraught from some recent event, maybe she just broke up with someone. All we see is the small tear on her face and that there is a billowing motorcycle tarp across the street from her. Like her spinning mind, it thrashes in the wind. She stares at it whipping about, burrowing her eyes into it. And suddenly it stops! The wind no longer flutters in her hair. The trees don’t sway. The tarp and air stay still... She releases her stare, the wind blows again. She burst up and down in awe. We can practically hear her thoughts yelling: I fuckin’ did that!

In a quick montage, we meet other Heroes experiencing similar wonders: a skater making his water bottle freeze. A newlywed woman conjuring a flame from nothing!

Each of our three Heroes sprint to their best-friend, lover, or grandparent. But these loved ones look skeptical, they barely pay attention, or ask even condescendingly ‘what’re you talking about?’ Maybe our teenager can muster the slightest gust of wind, but not much more. Our Heroes are defeated. The retreat to their bedrooms or sullen corners. When the Loved Ones check in on them, we hear trickles of overlapping dialogue, all of the Heroes pleading and asserting: “Yo, you gotta believe in me!”

Finally, our Loved Ones stir up some faith. One might say: “Hey, I gotchu. Close your eyes and relax.” The skater's best friend takes him into the sunlight to a little lake. The grandmother takes her teenage granddaughter outside to a clothing line billowing at dusk. Our newlywed husband construct a makeshift fire-retardant suit and grabs a fire-hydrant.

One by one, our Heroes stand strong, sweat beads down their brow. And our believers give them that undeniable look of total faith. Maybe one of Heroes even looks in the mirror – all they needed was to believe in themselves. As the music surges and the magic seems inevitable, the teenage girl closes her eyes. We cut to black and hear a final breath.

BAM! Beaming, all of our Heroes make magic: sparks fly, the sheets not only flutter, but almost dance, and the water freezes at will! It’s visually dazzling and total euphoria for all of our Heroes and those who love them.

Believing in someone is real magic.

Thank you for your time.
Daniel Antebi

For more info on Daniel click here. To learn more about his producer, Andrew Hutcheson, click here .