Daniel Antebi’s Taste Book

Let me tell you a simple tale from a world just like yours. How these heroes traverse their challenges will embolden you. If you take on their tactics and use their tools, you can face the challenge that lays ahead.

Bose “Alone"| Dir. Miles Jay

A story based approach is powerful because ads motivate consumers to make decisions. The best way to engender a particular decision is to use human-kind's oldest decision-making-exploration-device, stories. This stuff goes back to Aristotle. We are constantly seeking stories because we want to learn from the decisions characters make. To most the piece above can seem like a simple ‘mood’ commerical but she lives a story – how does one wrestles with aloneness? Through her decision to let go to the music we learn not only learn how to over-come solitude, but also which tool to use. 

Apple “Misunderstood | Dir. Lance Accord

These commercials each have a clear protagonist with a clear objective. How these protagonists approach their obstacles and what they find at the end of their journey always correlates to the messaging of the brand. For example, the protagonist in Apple’s “Misunderstood” finds ‘creative solutions to connect with others.’ What’s more Apple than that? (Maybe: ‘think different.’ But you get the point).

Kodak “Share with Dad” | Dir. Lisa Rubish

The ‘style’ of each of the pieces is “invisible.” The performances are grounded; the environments are realistic; the camera sees and moves as humans do; the editing is minimal. All of these 'stylistic' choices empower the performance and plot to shine more than any cinematic gimicketry. When the performance and plot is front and cetner the piece delivers the brands all important ethos and pathos like: share your life through photos with others -- it’ll feel great.

Nike “Jogger” | Dir. Lance Accord

If possible, things should be as simple as the “Jogger.” How does he keep running? Well, he simply does not quit. Hmmm, I guess people who wear Nike don't quit. Fuck me, I wanna wear some Nike. The ad doesn't beat it over your head with an anthem or swirling narration. The character's journey tells us all we need to know. Just like in the Kodak piece, something so simple as “Jogger” creates little distance between the consumer and the decisions we will want to mirror in our own lives.


Apple “Welcome Home” | Dir. Spike Jonze

This final one is a bit of a wild card. The character’s journey is abstracted — however —  the spectacle and unreal element of the ad directly correlate to the character’s internal journey and deicions. My  experience with dance and magic makes me confident I can execute stories that live in liminal-realities like those in the reflections of puddles or stretched out apartments.

Thank you for your time.


P.S. Below are a few extra commercials that would fall into my approach but didn’t quite make the cut.

Procter + Gamble “Pick Them Back Up Global”
Lance Accord

National Lottery “The Fisherman”
Mark Malloy

The Prince’s Trust “Parallel Lives”
Miles Jay