music video by
daniel antebi, bella finn parisot & jordan mcafee-hahn

Hi friends, let’s make a music video together :) 

The song has a lot of motion to it, I think it deserves the same with the filmmaking. My basic idea is that we create this nostalgic sk8r video edit rushing through memories from iphone videos of all of us have already shot. Better than explaining myself to death here’s a two samples I threw together:

IDK why but I also really like the idea of putting gritty iPhone video in 4:3. Something about juxtaposing the typical iPhone stuff in 16:9 with the classical reframing.

Below is another example: 

Also, we could def integrate lip-sync in an organic way. For example, Jordan singing in the car – trees rush past him – it feels like the phone was whipped out moments ago to film him reveling in the song. Or Jordan is rolling in the grass of Bella’s backyard while the camera (Bella) rolls with him. In between turns, we can see his lips singing the words.

All in all, we need something fun rn to remind us of time we spend whooshing through the world. This song is killer and would be a sick way to do it.That’s basically it. I’m down.

Love you both

- Daniel